‘Love Hotline’: It is okay to go through your partner’s phone?

Jujubee and Thorgy Thor are back for the third episode of “Love Hotline”!

This time, Lauren from New York City dials in with a divisive question: Is it ever okay to go through your significant other’s phone?

“If you’re in a relationship with somebody, why is going through their phone such a bad thing?” Lauren asks.

According to Lauren, she’s dealt with cheaters in the past, so with this current boyfriend, she just wants to stay on top of things and cover her bases. Plus, his phone code is the same one as his garage, so it was pretty easy for her to break into it.

“I feel like everybody says, ‘It’s terrible, there’s no trust if you’re doing that,’ but if you keep finding things, then —”

“Would you let him go through your phone?” Jujubee asks.

“Yeah,” Lauren says. Because she has nothing to hide, Lauren doesn’t think it’s a big deal if her boyfriend went through it.

“Here it is, I’m going to wrap this up,” Thorgy Thor jokes. “When you date somebody new, tell them right away. Be like, ‘I’m probably going to cut off your thumb when you sleep and actually open up your phone and go through all your private information. Do you still want to date me?'”

This episode’s anonymous dating question is about micro-cheating and whether it’s real and something you should be on the lookout for in relationships.

But to get all of Thorgy Thor’s and Jujubee’s dating advice, watch the full episode of “Love Hotline” above!

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