Artist uses hairdryer to create incredible art

Sometimes even the most basic household item can be re-utilized to create something magical.

That’s what artist Alexa Sotiroff discovered when she started replicating geode designs on various platforms. The custom pieces are created when Sotiroff pours various paints, glues and glitters onto a surface and then adds lifelike ripple movements with a hairdryer.

Watching her process is hypnotic, and it’s amazing to witness how much improvement is added just by applying hot air strategically with the hairdryer.

In the Q&A section of Sotiroff’s Instagram, she explains that she had watched YouTube videos of other artists replicating geodes about a month before she actually tried it herself. Her advice is to study photos, rather than other artists’ works.

Sotiroff curates custom dishes, serving trays, cheese boards, coasters and decorative paintings on her Etsy page. She also offers an online class for both beginners and advanced painters to learn about how to create depth and texture.

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