Ease your mind with these soothing meditation journals

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Right now, it can be incredibly difficult to relax and ease your mind. Whether it’s stress or a constant flood of anxiety, finding ways to achieve calmness might not be the easiest.

While there are many practice that can help aid your worries, there is one option that could be incredibly helpful: meditation journaling. If writing and meditating is therapeutic for you, the combination of both could be a great way to write out your thoughts and feelings.

If you haven’t mediated or journaled before, you might be wondering, “Does it really work?” Well, Michelle Dalbec, a life coach and yoga teacher at Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health, explains, “Journaling gives our internal landscape a voice. It’s a chance to document our process, to reflect upon and release our longings and questions.” She continues, “By combining meditation and journaling, you can access the wisdom from the deeper layers of your being and develop a greater understanding of the messages they have to offer.”

Furthermore, Northwestern Medicine explains on its website, “Proponents of journaling and emotional health professionals believe articulating those things can help you understand more clearly what you’re feeling. The act can help you prioritize problems, fears and concerns and get a better sense for the magnitude or severity of stressors in your life. Journaling can also help you track these feelings and symptoms, recognizing triggers. Writing down what you experience and feel can both reinforce positive experiences and release negative thoughts.”

If you’re willing to give it a try, we’ve compiled a list of meditation journals below that are unique, affordable and even top-rated on Etsy. Shop below to find the best one for you.

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