Shoppers say this $20 derma roller helped with hair growth

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For many, hair loss can be an extremely frustrating experience. When it comes to searching for a solution, it may all seem too overwhelming, especially when there are so many serums or shampoos to choose from.

If this is something you experience often, there is one treatment that many shoppers have turned to, and it costs just under $20. Some have even recommended it for alopecia, baldness and other hair issues.

A No. 1 best seller on Amazon, the Sdara Skincare Microneedle Derma Roller can be used in many types of ways. While it’s usually considered for preventing wrinkles and minimizing pores, it can additionally provide a way to stimulate collagen on your scalp, which can ultimately lead to hair regrowth.

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So how does microneedling exactly work on your hair, and how can you get results from it? According to one scientific study, researchers found that 82 percent of their derma rolling patients saw more than 50 percent improvement in comparison to their patients who used Minoxidil (a common hair regrowth formula). Furthermore, the study concluded that “microneedling is a safe and promising tool in hair stimulation” for both males and females.

Some reviewers happened to take notice of this process. One customer who gave Sdara Skincare’s derma roller five stars wrote, “But the most amazing fact is that I used it on my hairline where I had lost some hair due to male pattern baldness. Believe me when I say, my hair is actually and finally growing back! I see baby hairs.”

“I have been struggling with alopecia for 18 years and at this point, I am willing to try anything,” another shopper explained. “I have been using this for several weeks and am already seeing some regrowth in areas I haven’t seen in a long time!”

If you’re curious to know what other experts think about the treatment, NYC-based dermatologist Dr. Joshua Zeichner explained to The Zoe Report how the loss of collagen over time affects hair strength and that microneedling can increase collagen.

NYC-based plastic surgeon Dr. Melissa Doft also tells The Zoe Report, “Microneedles lead to tiny insults in the dermis, or micro-injuries causing minor inflammation. This prompts the skin to stimulate collagen production in response.”

While this treatment has worked for many, it’s important to note that not everyone will see the same results.

One shopper who used it for growing beard hair mentioned, “I heard this is a good way to get the hair to grow, unfortunately, either it didn’t work for me, or I didn’t use it long enough, but I saw no improvement.”

To use, you can roll through your scalp and apply a serum or topical oil after. It’s super important to disinfect your derma roller before and after usage, and be sure to have a clean scalp before applying. Additionally, if you’re worried about if it’s painful, Sdara Skincare explains that the tool is an “esthetician-recommended microneedle length (0.25mm),” which can help minimize discomfort, according to its product description.

If you’re hesitant about anything, it’s always safe to talk to your dermatologist or doctor before starting any new treatments, especially if you have pre-existing skin conditions or sensitive pores.

All in all, if you’re in need of a hair loss solution that won’t break the bank, this option is totally worth giving a try.

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