TikTok prankster shows why ‘apple pay’ is a lot different than Apple Pay

A TikTok user is dumbfounding Starbucks baristas, convenience store clerks and plenty of social media users with his new “payment method.”

The prankster, who goes by Veera on social media, has shared several videos (all filmed pre-quarantine) of him interacting with completely baffled cashiers. Ultimately, the stunt comes down to two simple words: “apple pay.”

The TikToker takes those words extremely literally though. Instead of paying with the tech company’s convenient, phone or watch-enabled app, Veera uses a literal apple.


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It’s a simple but elegant trick. In his most recent video, the TikToker stuffs his phone — with Apple Pay already loaded — under his sleeve. Then, he walks into a convenience store and picks out his snacks.

As he approaches the register, he’s holding nothing but an apple, which he then uses to “pay” for his items by swiping his hidden phone over the store’s Apple Pay reader.

“What the hell? How did you do that,” the clerk exclaims as Veera walks away.

The TikToker earned a similar reaction at a Starbucks late last year, when he swiped his “apple pay” so quickly that the baristas barely noticed at first.


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“I ACTUALLY PAID WITH APPLES,” Veera captioned the video.

Social media users seemed equally impressed by the stunt, calling it “creative,” “magic” and “hella smart.”

“Finally a prank that doesn’t involve destroying others property,” one commenter wrote.

“People that don’t pay with apples are clowns,” another joked.

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