Creepy intruder causes TikTok user to ‘glitch’ while telling a story

You know when you’re trying to tell a story but you get distracted by something in the background and can’t finish it?

TikTok user jacanderson certainly does.

She had just begun to recount her latest shopping trip for her followers while sitting in her car when she noticed a creepy face in the car beside her.

As a result, she recorded herself with a very focused look on her face that quickly transformed into one of absolute terror. She then zoomed in on a hooded skeleton prop.

Credit: TikTok/jacanderson

“My soul just left my body — said guess what, not paying rent no more,” she said in the video.

It wasn’t the video she intended to record, but she uploaded it anyway.

“THIS WAS MY REAL REACTION. I was TERRIFIED LMAO I was trying to say I drove 30 mins to a specific Walgreens for magic shave powder and they were out,” jacanderson wrote in the comments of the video.

The skeleton was, of course, scary — but commenters fixated on her hilarious reaction to it.

“You literally GLITCHED,” one user wrote.

“Her face took a screenshot,” another said.

“Thank you for the 6 pack abs from laughing so hard,” a third joked.

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