Artist creates unusual footwear and nail designs with random objects

Very few professions allow you to take on a mysterious persona. Fortunately for Elizaveta Litovka, being an artist and a photographer allows her to do just that.

The Ukrainian 20-something posts her unusual works on Instagram. While she appears in some of her photos, Litovka always obscures her face. She never writes captions, save for the occasional hashtag. But mostly, she lets her work speak for itself — particularly her footwear series.

For the artist, anything is a shoe or pedicure. The cap of a red bell pepper becomes a heel, while the rest of the vegetable is the toe box, in one image. In another, Litovka used a neon green dust mop as a shoe.

For a more natural aesthetic, Litovka coated a kitten heel in dried flowers. She used a similar method with a yellow rubber glove, then tied the fingers around her ankle for a bit of flare. 

Although her art is captionless, certain pieces feel more tongue in cheek than others. Like Litovka’s banana peel shoe — an item known for being slipped on. Or her cake frosting shoe, where she merely smeared the top of her foot in white icing and topped it with sprinkles. 

The visual artist’s pedicures are no exception. Litovka has covered each of her toenails in doll shoesstrawberry slices and rose petals to make for some interesting looks. 

“I don’t have any special technique,” Litovka told Mystery Tribune. “I occasionally see a right angle, posture, view or something that catches my eyes and like many, my photography is the product of capturing those moments.”

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