Bobby Berk is still in contact with this fan-favorite hero from ‘Queer Eye’

As much as the Fab Five have captured the hearts of Netflix watchers (read: everyone) around the world, sometimes it’s the heroes of individual “Queer Eye” episodes that truly make an impact on viewers.

The ever-popular show recently dropped its fifth season on Netflix, bringing fourth a whole new batch of deserving subjects for us — and Antoni, Bobby, Karamo, Jonathan and Tan — to fall in love with. While watching, a lot of the show’s fans also find the heroes on Instagram, watch their followings grow and see the Fab Five commenting on their posts.

But, one thing that I’ve always wondered has largely gone unanswered: Do the stars of “Queer Eye” keep in contact with the people whose lives they make over?

During a recent interview with In The Know’s Gibson Johns promoting his partnership with Lowe’s, design expert Bobby Berk gave us some insight.

“The one that probably stuck out the most [was Rahanna], because I got to do multiple different things — I got to show people my business background,” Berk said when we asked which makeover from the newest season proved to be the most memorable for him. “Before I was a designer, I was a business owner. So it was Rahanna.”

During Rahanna’s episode, not only did the Fab Five renovate her apartment, repair her relationship with her boyfriend and help her rediscover her self-confidence, but they also reinvigorated her mobile dog grooming business with a dog fashion show, a new grooming van and updated branding.

“I not only got to create an amazing apartment for her, but I also got to completely redesign her marketing and branding for her company, and design a whole new grooming van for her and give her business advice,” Berk said of the episode. “That’s not something that I normally get to do. So that one, I think, was the one that stood out really a lot.”

Since season 5 hit Netflix in early June, the Instagram for Rahanna’s business, Stylish Pooch, has racked up almost 200K Instagram followers, got verified and resulted in her business being booked through August.

And that’s just the start, as Berk told ITK that he’s still in contact with her.

“I was on a video call with her for, like, an hour yesterday,” he revealed. “Because I have been continuing to coach her with her business. We’re helping her expand some things and franchise and license stuff.”

“That’s one great thing about social media and our show is, a lot of our heroes, I keep in contact with after and continue to help them pick out things for rooms that they’re designing that I didn’t have time to get to,” he added. “And, with Rahanna, continuing to coach her on business.”

Listen to our full interview with Bobby Berk below:

Find out more about Bobby Berk’s partnership with Lowe’s here.

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