A 20-year-old is getting famous for his really, really, really long thumb

Jacob Pina is famous — or at least, part of him is.

That part? His thumb, which is — and this is the scientific term — way too big. The 20-year-old, who has nearly 1 million TikTok followers and has been interviewed by news reporters throughout his home state, claims to have a 6-inch thumb.

Pina first went viral in 2019, after sharing videos of his ability to seemingly make his thumb grow at will. Now he’s at it again, sharing a new clip that’s been viewed more than 6.3 million times in just four days.

The video features Pina pretending his thumb is too hot, and needs “water.”


Need to cool off ☀️👍🏼 ##foryou ##fyp ##longthumb ##Manifestation Snapchat: j_pina78

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The TikToker sticks his finger into a bucket, and it seems to magically get bigger.

“Oh my God, it already grew,” Pina jokes.

In reality, it’s no magic trick. Pina explained to NBC Boston that he’s actually just able to dislocate his thumb on command. He assured the outlet that the trick isn’t painful, either.

“No app. No Photoshop, and it’s not a Snapchat filter. It’s real. It’s real, dude,” Pina told the Boston Globe in 2019. “Everybody says, ‘That’s fake man, you’re using some sort of trick.’ Nope. I don’t Photoshop. I don’t do anything like that.”

It’s unclear how Pina got his ability, but there are plenty of theories. His mom, Karen Pragana, gave the Globe her own explanation.

“I always joked with him that it got that way from gaming. He’s a big-time avid gamer,” she said.

Whatever the reason, TikTok users seem more obsessed with Pina than ever. His recent videos feature hundreds of thousands of amazing comments.

“My brain can’t process this,” one user wrote.

“Someone explain this video,” another added.

“My brain hurts trying to understand how???” another asked.


Never lost 🤷🏻‍♂️👍🏼 ##foryou ##fyp ##longthumb ##SummerVlog Snapchat: j_pina78

♬ original sound – jwpina

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