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We live in a time where our electronics and tech gadgets are seamless extensions of our bodies. Regardless of age, class or location, the use of personal electronics has become a part of our daily routines. From getting the day started with a cup of coffee and a morning read on your tablet to simply turning on the TV to catch your favorite shows after a long day, regular tech use is now built into our lives.

But let’s face it: Unplanned technical difficulties are almost guaranteed to occur with our devices — usually at the most inopportune times. Whether it be a computer that refuses to connect to Wi-Fi, a gaming system that’s stuck on a “loading” screen or a tablet that freezes just in the middle of a software update, these occurrences, though expected with the use of electronics, are nothing short of frustrating.

While most tend to jump down a Google search troubleshooting rabbit hole, oftentimes with no resolution, it would be best to have your very own IT professional on hand during these inconvenient times.

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On average, tech support services usually cost between $70 and $80 per hour, according to Thumbtack, meaning most consumers tend to shy away from further exploring these options. To offer a more effective and affordable solution to tech users, Yahoo Plus Tech was created.

What is Yahoo Plus Tech?

Yahoo Plus Tech is a new subscription service that provides tech support and electronics insurance to most of your devices. The service covers all your tech needs 24/7 at one flat monthly fee of $15.

With Yahoo Plus Tech, users get around-the-clock U.S.-based tech support, no matter their location or time of day. Devices that are compromised in the event of accidents or malfunctions can be repaired or fully replaced through this monthly subscription service.

How does Yahoo Plus Tech compare to other tech support services?

Yahoo Plus Tech currently stands as the most affordable tech support subscription option on the market when compared to leading competitors. Some of these competing companies include DirectTV Protection Plan Premier ($25.98 a month), AT&T Protect Advantage ($40 a month), Dish Protect Platinum ($24.99 a month) and Sprint Complete MyHome ($25-$30 a month, depending on the state).

In addition to being the least expensive of the bunch, Yahoo Plus Tech also stands as one of the most all-inclusive and comprehensive services.

What devices does Yahoo Plus Tech cover?

That brings us to its coverage bases. This tech support subscription service covers unlimited eligible devices including laptops and computers, tablets, printers, televisions, gaming consoles and more with one single subscription. Smartphones are not included in coverage.

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If you are ever in need of support, simply contact your Yahoo Plus Tech U.S.-based tech expert, available 24/7, via phone or chat. The subsequent resolution can come in the form of a repair, replacement or even full reimbursement.

Yahoo Plus Tech customers are also eligible for one in-home tech-related visit every 12 months.

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For further convenience and transparency, Yahoo Plus Tech, unlike several other subscriptions that require active accounts with service providers and carriers, does not require a prior service plan for support eligibility. Simply sign up and you’re fully covered.

Yahoo Plus Tech offers a no-frills and hassle-free tech support experience that makes living a tech-inclusive lifestyle a breeze — the way it was intended to be.

Shop Yahoo Plus Tech for $15 a month at

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