‘Work It’ co-stars Sabrina Carpenter and Liza Koshy stanned one another way before they ever met

Liza Koshy and Sabrina Carpenter were bound to hit it off.

Way before they started working together on Netflix’s latest film “Work It,” out August 7, the two women, who are at the forefront of the next generation of Hollywood’s superstars, were well aware of one another’s artistry and credentials. In fact, Koshy considered herself “a Sabrina Carpenter stan.”

During a recent interview with In The Know’s Gibson Johns, ahead of their movie’s streaming release, the duo tried to recall how long Koshy had been following Carpenter on Instagram for.

“You followed me on Instagram for how many years?” Carpenter teased.

“Five years,” Koshy smiled, before touching on what working together signified for her. “I’ve been a Sabrina Carpenter stan. I call her Carpenters the Anthill. It’s not the BeyHive, it’s the Anthill. I’m the queen Stant; I’m the Stanthill. I followed her five years ago, [and that] is when I was first introduced to the magic that is Sabrina Carpenter, and then did not think my manifestation to be in a movie with her would work, but it did.”

As for Carpenter, who broke out as the lead on Disney Channel’s “Girl Meets World,” she first caught wind of Koshy several years ago during the YouTube star’s first turn hosting the Met Gala red carpet for Vogue.

“So many people know Liza from one of the 100 different things that she’s done or been a part of, but I knew Liza from hosting the Met carpet, and I would just watch her videos and be like, ‘She’s so funny. Who is this girl?'” Carpenter recalled, turning to her co-star with a laugh. “Your first year on the red carpet, your butt was fully exposed, and then you were trending on Twitter, so then I just saw a bunch of pictures of your butt exposed on the red carpet! And I was like, ‘She looks fun!'”

Despite the fact that their characters Quinn and Jas are best friends who needed to have enough chemistry to make the film work, the two actresses didn’t meet until the first “Work It” table read. Thankfully for everyone involved, they hit it off from the moment Koshy awkwardly commented on Carpenter’s nails.

“We first met, it was at the table read, and Liza was like, ‘I like your nails.’ But the delivery was like something I would do. It was like very not funny,” Carpenter laughed. “And then it was kind of just like, we went for coffee, and then we kept going for coffee, and then we kept dancing together, and then we were thrown in front of a camera. And then it was the movie.”

Throughout their interview with In The Know promoting the Alicia Keys-produced film, Carpenter and Koshy were effusive of each other, especially when it came to their careers. While they rose to superstardom much differently — Carpenter through the more classic Disney-assisted route and Koshy the more modern way through social media content creation — what they have in common is undeniable: They’ve both cultivated unimaginably large followings by proving that they can expertly wear many hats in an industry that increasingly expects its stars to do so.

“It’s so inspirational because Liza, especially [because] people will constantly try to put people like us in a box, and try to be like, ‘No, I know you as this. You should do this.’ It’s like, ‘OK. I know me as a bunch of different things.’ And so there should be no limits, and I think if we have the tools, we want to be able to extend ourselves into different ways, so we never feel stuck in one lane. We want to grow as people, and naturally, we want to grow as artists in our own rights,” Carpenter said. “I think that’s maybe why I love Liza so much, because I really do feel inspired by her as a friend in general, because the way that she’s been able to literally create herself into what she is now all on her own because of her own mind is beyond me.”

“That’s exactly why I fell in love with Sabrina, too, because all of that is from her own mind. She is the EP. She is the creator. She is the producer. I love that she is label-less in the sense of, she has many labels for herself. There’s a free-flowing definition of her that she’s still writing,” Koshy added. “I think we both have that mutual admiration for each other, that you can be all of these things, and allow themselves to evolve and grow and express.”

As Koshy stated, Carpenter took on a multitude of roles for “Work It”: In addition to being the star of the movie, she wrote and recorded a song, “Let Me Move You,” for its credit sequence and served as executive producer, which empowered her on set in a totally new way.

“That was just one of the other reasons why I was so excited [about doing the movie]. Not only that I was obviously on set every day, because Quinn has a lot of screen time, but I felt so welcomed, and I felt so heard by the people that we were making this movie with,” she said of the role. “Netflix was also very gracious with all of that and trusting us. […] The power that was really presented to us, and the collaboration was so refreshing for them to put trust in young — not only young women, but just young people in general in this industry, because that’s sort of the generation that we were making this movie for. We hope that it resonates with generations beyond us, but definitely to our generation, and it’s cool that they were so aware of that to let us be really involved. And yeah, an EP, I feel really cool.”

“I’m ridiculously proud of Sabrina,” her co-star chimed in. “I keep saying the best part of the movie — there’s so many great parts, yes, but my favorite part is when her name is in the credits, like, five times. Take a shot for every role Sabrina took on doing this movie.”

“Not only was she EP, singer-songwriter and actress, but she was also the warmth and the hug on set you got to arrive to. She made everybody feel so comfortable and grounded and like this is a safe place to have fun and experiment, and throw out some improv, and be confident in your dance moves,” Koshy went on. “This is my first movie, and to have her experience there, and her reassurance there is like the best thing in the world.”

“Work It” is available to stream on Netflix now.

Listen to our full interview with Sabrina Carpenter and Liza Koshy at the top of the page.

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