Two Twitch streamers dislocated their shoulders on camera in the same day

Two separate streamers accidentally dislocated their shoulders on stream in the same bizarre day.

It started off as an ordinary day of streaming. On August 18, League of Legends player Toby “Udysof” Horne was reviewing chocolate bars and snacks when he recognized a familiar name in the audience. He greeted them with a celebratory whip that popped his shoulder out and landed him in the hospital.

On the same day, variety streamer Hippiedude12345 was playing Fall Guys: Ultimate Showdown when he lost his first place win by seconds. He raised his arm to slam his desk but dislocated his shoulder when he swung down into the air. The original clip has since been removed from Twitch.

“Is this the Zoomer version of throwing your back out because you sneezed?” a Redditor joked on Udysof’s thread in /r/Livestreamfail.

“The f*** is going on today?” another Redditor asked in Hippiedude12345’s thread.

People injuring themselves on stream is not new in /r/Livestreamfail. Afterall, the subreddit is dedicated (at least ostensibly) to clips of streamers struggling through blunders, mistakes and just plain bad luck. But this is the first time where two different streamers incurred the same injury on the same day while doing the same thing. Both of them even dislocated the same side of their shoulders.

It’s since become something of an in-joke now on the subreddit. In a clip of Timothy “TimTheTatman” Betar reacting to ESPN tracking his record on Fall Guys (Tim has yet to win a single game), a commenter wrote out what everyone was thinking.

“I was expecting him to dislocate his shoulder on that slam,” they said.

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