TikTok bets your boyfriend doesn’t know how to pronounce this pasta name

Oh, to have the confidence of this boyfriend who endearingly mispronounced “gnocchi” for over 2.4 million people.

A very specific TikTok challenge cropped up after Ron Iver tweeted a bold statement putting boyfriends everywhere on blast.

For those terrified by the combination of letters, gnocchi, a delicious hybrid of doughy dumplings, pasta and potatoes, is pronounced “nyow-kee.”

Kate Rabinowitz’s video of her boyfriend saying “guh-no-chi” inspired several other TikTokers to test their boyfriend’s Italian food knowledge.

It’s not just American boyfriends either, Australians struggle with the pronunciation too — their pronunciations just sound slightly fancier.

“Why don’t people know how to pronounce this?” one user lamented in the comments of Rabinowitz’s TikTok. Clearly more boyfriends need to head on over to Olive Garden.

“My fiance said the same thing,” another person wrote. “I have to rethink our engagement now.”

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