Woman shares unusual method of applying mascara

A TikToker is turning heads with her rather unique method of mascara application.

The woman, Cailyn, posted her atypical beauty tip on the video-sharing platform on June 20, to the tune of over 4.9M views.

“I cannot be the only psycho in the world that does this. Like I know it’s crazy, I know,” Cailyn says in the viral clip. “But listen, my lashes do not look the same when I don’t do this and get the mascara all over my eyelids.”

“And yes, I know this is not conventional, and, yes, all my friends make fun of me for it, but you know what?” she continues. “I will show you the before and after. Hold on.”


YES I know I’m a lunatic and NO I don’t know how to put on my mascara normally #mascara #WhatsUpDocChallenge #lashes #PokemonGO

♬ original sound – spitcyyyy

After applying mascara to her eyelashes and, well, the entire area around her eyes, Cailyn goes in with a Q-tip and removes the extraneous makeup. And I have to admit, her lashes do look pretty amazing.

“So, like I said, look at my lashes now,” she says. “I can’t get that without doing the whole process.”

You simply cannot argue with those results. Just kidding! TikTokers obviously could.

“Girl it doesn’t have to be this way….” one TikToker wrote.

“Girl u can do that with just a good mascara,” added another.

Still, a few others seemed to be very in support of the unhinged method.

“Finally someone said it!!!” wrote one viewer. “Everyone complements my eyelashes and how long they are and I SWEAR it’s because I do this!!”


Cailyn later shared a followup video in which she did half of her mascara using her own method and the other using a more traditional approach. And honestly, you can see a difference.


Reply to @s1ghangie alright here is a comparison….there is a DIFFERENCE OKAY!! also tell L’Oréal to run me my check #mascara #TikTokFanFest #lashes

♬ original sound – spitcyyyy

For those wanting to achieve the same results with less of a mess — may we suggest putting a card or piece of paper between your lashes and eyelid to catch the excess mascara. Same results, less mess!

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