Woman gets slammed for ‘manipulative’ behavior during proposal

A woman’s story of her proposal gone wrong is sparking outrage online.

The 24-year-old woman — who goes by engagmentringantique on Reddit — shared her story in the r/AITA (Am I The A******) subreddit hoping to get some opinions on the upsetting situation.

‘She got pretty annoyed and called me selfish’

Recently, engagmentringantique took her girlfriend — whom she assigned the codename “Mia” — to her grandpa’s lake house, where she proposed. She said yes, and things were perfect — keyword: were.

As they were packing to return to the city, Mia took engagmentringantique aside and told her that she “hated the ring” engagmentringantique proposed with.

Of course, engagmentringantique was “a bit hurt” since she had “spent months looking for the perfect ring,” but she said that she was happy to go shopping to find a ring Mia liked.

However, that wasn’t what Mia wanted. “She told me told me that she wanted my antique engagement ring,” engagmentringantique explained. “I’ve worn this ring since I was 16 and it’s VERY valuable to me. My great grandparents who I was really close to gave it to me before they died.”

“I told her that I wasn’t going to propose with this ring, and that I never even thought about it before and she got pretty annoyed and called me selfish, telling me that the point of an engagement ring is to propose to someone with it, and that I should have proposed to her with it.”

When she refused to relent, Mia told her that “she doesn’t want [an] engagement ring if she’s not going to get [the antique one.” At this point, engagmentringantique says her and her girlfriend “aren’t really talking” and that some of Mia’s friends have even reached out to tell her that she’s “selfish for not giving [the ring] to her.”

‘Manipulative and guilt-trippy AF’

Though Mia’s friends think engagmentringantique is being selfish, the overwhelming majority of Reddit is on her side.

“This is seriously entitled and red flag behavior on her part!” one person said.

“Saying that she doesn’t want any engagement ring if it’s not that one is manipulative and guilt-trippy AF,” another user added. She’s a child throwing a tantrum … Don’t let yourself budge on something that means so much to you.”

“She is the one who is being selfish,” a third person echoed. “Saying she doesn’t want a ring if she can’t [have] yours is incredibly childish. This isn’t the best way to start a marriage. Considering how important the ring is to you and how she chose to react, I really hope you don’t give in to her demands just to make things better.”

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