TikToker spooks workers at fast-food restaurant with absurd mask

A restaurant worker’s absurd face mask gave her fellow employees at an Illinois Burger King quite the spook in a video that has gone viral.

Aliya Brooks, 20, shared a video of her coworkers reacting to her walking into the Chicago fast-food restaurant wearing a beak-like plague doctor mask on TikTok.

“Let’s see, carry out only, no dine-in, okay, face mask required in restaurant, I got all that,” Brooks says in her August 20 video as she reads off a sign posted outside the eatery.

She then walks in wearing the getup, prompting screams from her coworkers, followed by uproarious laughter.

The video has since racked up over 11M views, as well as over 40K comments from amused TikTokers.

“I don’t think I’ve ever laughed this hard at a TikTok,” one user wrote.

“This what pranks are supposed to be! funny!” said another.

“Cashier probably thought the world was ending,” wrote a third.

Although the screams were actually candid, rest assured that the prank was put on in good fun and with the approval of all parties involved, Brooks told In The Know.

“The mask video is a part of a series that started when my coworker and I were discussing how customers didn’t want to wear their masks in the restaurant,” she explained. “Some would even come in with the shirts pulled over their noses. We thought that was funny, so the next day during my break, I planned to come back inside with a strange mask.”

Brooks said the plague doctor mask was the sixth and most viral video in a series of herself pranking her coworkers with wild masks, including a cosmetic collagen mask, a napkin with holes in it, a masquerade costume and even a plastic duck head.

“They were in on it, they just didn’t know which mask I’d have on next,”she revealed. “So their reactions were real, not staged.”

The friendly antics are refreshingly good-natured, especially amid a rash of viral incidents depicting maskless customers antagonizing workers who have tried to enforce their establishment’s mask policies.

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