Dad faces backlash after making ‘insanely rude’ comment to his son’s teacher: ‘I hope you’re proud’

A father is wondering if he crossed the line when he called his son’s teacher a name.

He took to Reddit’s “Am I the A******” forum to see if he was in the wrong. It all started when the man, who says he is a college professor, was confused that his son’s teacher marked an answer wrong on the child’s test. He felt as though his expertise outweighed the teacher’s and was confident that his son’s answer was in fact correct. 

“My son came home in a foul mood because he got extra homework from her in the form of an outline that he had to fill out. Ms. Sommers has this rule that if you get a ‘C’ or lower on your test, you have to do an outline,” he explained

His son was upset with him because he had helped him prep for the exam.

“Basically, he wrote how Egyptian culture was heavily influenced by Greek culture. I was befuddled why his answers were wrong. There was no explanation,” he wrote

The father decided to reach out to Ms. Sommers to get to the bottom of things. 

“We met after-school and she said she marked it wrong because it was factually wrong and apologized, sarcastically mind you, that she didn’t write that,” he wrote. “I asked her how was it factually incorrect. She said the Greeks had nothing to do with classical Egypt. I asked her about the Ptolemaic Kingdom.”

He explained to the woman that Alexander the Great, Cleopatra and many others in the era were Greek and imported the country’s culture into Egypt. 

“She asked me how I knew all of this as if I were making it up and I told her that I’m a college professor. I teach this stuff,” he wrote. “She agreed to mark his answers as being right, but I had to ask her if she really didn’t know that Greek culture influenced Classical Egyptian culture and she teaches this stuff? She said not everyone is a professor and I laughed because you don’t need to have a Ph.D. to know that, but a history teacher should — and called her a moron.”

Reddit users were not as impressed with the father as he was with himself. 

“Calling a teacher a moron after she already agreed to meet, admitted her error and fixed the grade is insanely rude,” one user wrote

“They’re being tested on what they learn at school not all the history of ancient Egypt. She’s a sixth-grade teacher and I’m sure she has a lot on her plate right now, which now includes being belittled by you. Hope you’re proud of yourself,” another said

“You are a prime example of why some people tend to think those in academia are a bunch of stuck up snobs who think they’re better and smarter than everyone else,” someone commented.

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