Baby reaches new heights (literally) in TikTok video: ‘You had me fooled!’

A mom on TikTok is taking her baby girl to new heights. 

Vanessa Veronica, who goes by vanessaveronica._ on the platform, posts videos of her adorable daughters. The heartwarming clips usually just feature her little ones happily playing with toys or dancing. But the mom decided to spice things up for one video that went viral in August. It’s a bit of an optical illusion. 

Veronica’s daughter sports a poofy dress and sparkling headband as she stands in the home’s doorway. But the tiny tot has some unconventional accessories. She has three pink heart balloons and two white star balloons fastened around her waist. 

When the TikTok begins, the baby girl starts slowly levitating. It looks like the helium balloons are carrying her up and away. When she reaches the top of the door frame she disappears. However, like with most social media videos, if you look closely the illusion falls apart. 

A pair of hands peek out from underneath her dress. She was being lifted the whole time. 

“Thank you all for the sweet comments,” Veronica wrote. “Don’t worry, guys, she is safe and happy.”  

Trick or not, the cute video racked up over 1.8 million views. 

“You had me fooled! I really thought she was floating until I saw a hand holding her. Love it,” someone said

“You almost pulled it off, until I saw the hand,” one user wrote

“Alright, that was definitely way too cute,”Β another said.Β 

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