Woman concerned by husband’s ‘controlling’ behavior during her pregnancy: ‘He needs a therapist’

A pregnant wife wants to know if her husband is controlling. 

The 26-year-old went on Reddit’s “Am I the A******” forum for advice. She said her husband has become increasingly anxious about the safety of their baby to the point of crossing some personal boundaries. It’s the couple’s first child and she’s only three months pregnant. 

“My husband has been very anxious and been stressing out about the baby,” she wrote. “He’d stop me from driving, saying what if I end up having an accident. He’d taken our dog and gave him to my brother in law to live there saying, ‘what if the dog accidentally hurt you.’ He brought home some oils and herbs and told me to drink because it would help with pregnancy.” 

The woman said things have now gotten even worse with him.

“He started insisting that I stop working. I work as a (sales representative) at a marketing department, I love my job since I been only working for over a year, the energy is still there,” she explained. “I already told him about my desire to continue working and that he shouldn’t worry because I will take some time off if I get sick or anything. He insisted and didn’t take no for an answer. He went to my boss and asked her if she could give me maternity leave, she was confused as to why I never talked to her about this and sent my husband instead.”

Fortunately, the wife, although embarrassed, was able to clear things up with her boss.

“I argued with him about it, I told him he should respect my job and my decisions,” she wrote. “He lashed out saying ‘our baby isn’t just yours’ and that everything in regard of the baby is his concern as well. I told him he was overreacting and he just blew up on me then left. He said that I was in the wrong and I should apologize for treating him like this but I really think what he did was so controlling on his part.”

Reddit users definitely felt like the husband was overstepping quite a bit. 

“Your husband is invading your privacy and overstepping major boundaries by going to your boss himself. He sounds like he needs a therapist for his compulsive controlling behavior, ” one user wrote

“Your husband needs therapy and now. This controlling behavior is really not good and the fact it’s been getting worse is very alarming,” another said

“Your husband is treating you like an incubator that he owns and not a human being,” someone added.

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