Dad sparks family drama with reaction to son’s ‘insulting’ behavior: ‘It came outta nowhere’

A father is caught between his current wife, ex-wife and son. 

He went on Reddit’s “Am I the A******” forum to get a verdict on the matter. The dad wanted to know if he made a mistake in choosing his wife over his son during an argument. When his son, who is from a previous marriage, came over for his weekly stay, the father was mortified when the teenager called his wife “lazy.” 

“I’ve been married to my wife for 5 years, dating for 3 years prior to that. I had a son from my previous relationship and he’s now 14. Today my son came over and we were sitting together eating dinner,” the father said. “My wife stretched her legs out and propped her legs up onto my lap and said, ‘man I’m tired’. My stepson said, ‘wow, I’d love to be lazy, I wish I was lazy like you. No job, just play games all day, no school. I’d love that.’” 

The man had never heard the 14-year-old speak this way before. 

“It came outta nowhere and my wife immediately looked WTF and pissed. I too was kinda like — now why the heck would you say that?” he explained. “My wife has not got a traditional 9 to 5 job but she works hard and brings in money through other avenues. She does get tired and lay in bed a lot (she has health conditions which I’m on board with and have never mentioned to my son and he doesn’t really see that because he’s only here 2 days a week) but I love my wife as is and wouldn’t change that.”

He told his son to apologize to his stepmother and insisted she was not lazy. 

“He said, ‘oh, I’m just saying I would love to be lazy too it’s not a bad thing.’ I said calling someone lazy isn’t a good descriptor and your stepmom isn’t lazy,” the dad wrote. ‘He got a little short with me (wife had stayed quiet) but apologized. Later on, I got a call from his mom screeching down the phone at me saying that I chose my wife over my son and that I’m an idiot for penalizing him for pointing out a fact.”

Most Reddit users were on the father’s side in this one. 

“It’s about time he learned not to make passive-aggressive and insulting comments to people. He is almost an adult and he knows (or should know) better,” one user wrote

“You should’ve stood up for your wife the way you did. I have a health condition that may make me appear ‘lazy’ at times. His comment would be very hurtful to me and I would appreciate my husband correcting him,” another commented

“You did not choose your wife over your son. Correcting your son was choosing your son — it was parenting him, teaching him that he cannot say mean things to someone,” someone said

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