Woman shocked by husband’s ‘selfish’ decision while raising their newborn: ‘He needs to grow up’

One new mother is at odds with her husband who keeps shirking his parental duties. 

The 23-year-old went on Reddit’s “Am I the A******” to settle an argument between the two. When her daughter was just 3 weeks old, the father decided to go on a “boy’s trip” with his friends to get away from the stress of childbearing. The mother was, of course, left with the responsibility on such short notice. 

“My husband has been acting weird lately, He’s been stressing out and worrying too much about doing something wrong when caring for our baby,” she explained. “He did a number of things that really got me concerned. He would walk out whenever our daughter starts to cry but that was in the first week and thank God he doesn’t do it anymore. He wouldn’t hold her fearing he’d drop her. He doesn’t help with changing diapers saying he doesn’t know. He always calls his mom for ‘advice’ which she sees as an opportunity to step in and take my baby from me. He’d get worried and start panicking whenever she coughs and mention the hospital/ This all has been affecting me as well. It’s so exhausting and I started to be negatively affected by his behavior.” 

That’s when her husband’s buddy called to invite him for a 5-day trip with the guys. 

“He came to tell me that he ‘decided’ to go with the guys on the trip for five days as an opportunity to ‘get away from all this stress.’ I looked at him and told him he was being selfish to go on a trip and leave me to take care of our daughter alone,” she wrote. “He said no problem, he’ll just call his mom to come stay with me or I go stay at her place for just five days. He begged me saying this trip was necessary because he was on the verge of breaking down and complained about ‘how he didn’t expect it to be like this’ meaning having a baby.”

She did not want to have her mother-in-law involved because they do not have a positive relationship and she brings strangers around the infant during a pandemic. 

“He argued saying I was just jealous because he’d get to get fresh air while I’ll be stuck at home,” she explained. “He said he won’t waste this opportunity and is going with or without my consent. I yelled at him because he was unreasonable, but he’s sticking to his decision and is talking about how my postpartum is making me say/do all of this.” 

Reddit users were not on this father’s side. 

“I’m exhausted reading how much he needs to grow up … She’s essentially a single parent if he plans on fleeing whenever he needs to and why should the kid suffer for it?” one user wrote

“Your husband needs to grow up and quit depending on his mom,” another said

“This is unreasonable, he has a newborn,” someone added.

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