Couple ditches tradition and opts for paparazzi style engagement photos

Traditional engagement photos can be a bit cliché sometimes. While that temperament certainly suits many, some couples might need a little bit more personality in their photos. Not to mention, posing for any photo can feel awkward and contrived — and who wants to feel that way when they’re trying to capture feelings of romance? 

MacKenzie Dias and her fiancé didn’t want classic engagement pictures so they came up with a genius idea that Dias then shared on TikTok.

“I don’t want lovey-dovey engagement photos. Could you just act like you’re paparazzi catching us about?” her caption reads

Rather than force intimate poses, Dias and her beau got dressed up in casual but polished outfits and strutted their stuff in the city. The photographer followed the pair as they walked their dog in athleticwear, held hands in chic, black suits and cuddled on a park bench. 

The photos just look more natural. They capture moments — sometimes mid-speech or on the phone — instead of stage-managing them. 

TikTok users loved Dias’ idea. The video racked up 1.5 million views.

“I have no words to explain how much I love this,” another said

“OK but I love this so much more than traditional engagement photos,” one person said

“This is a trend I can stand behind. So much better than the ‘standing in a field and kissing each other,'” one user commented

The user was onto something when they made the “kissing in a field” comment. In 2018, the Atlantic wrote about this very engagement photo trend.

“These photos are a way for couples to display their love — or at least a perfumed representation of it — for all to see,” writes Natalie Escobar. “And are a symptom of how photographers and the wedding industry writ large shape the marriage traditions cherished by Americans.”

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