Teenager infuriates sister with answer to her ‘unbelievable’ question: ‘She needs to grow up’

A 15-year-old sister refused to let her older sister use her television. She went on Reddit’s “Am I the A******” forum for advice. It all started when the girl’s 21-year-old sister and the sister’s girlfriend demanded they be allowed to use the teenager’s flat-screen. 

“Today I finished my work and started playing Mario Sunshine on my Switch on the flat-screen TV in my room,” she wrote. “My sister walks in with her girlfriend and starts banging my door, demanding I let her use my TV in my room so her and her girlfriend can have some privacy.” 

The teen held her ground and told her sister to use the television in their mother’s bedroom. 

“I refused and told her I saved $500 for my TV and I bought it myself. I told her I can use it whenever I want to,” she said. “I bought my TV through chores and job. She told me that teens should not have a TV in their room because it makes them dumb. I have an 84 in my AP class, an 85 in Spanish 2, an 89 in math 2, honors and a 96 in English 2 honors — so I don’t know what she means.”

She played her game and drowned out her sister’s complaints until her girlfriend had to leave. 

“My sister is mad at me for ruining her day and told my mom. My mom is on my side and told my sister to grow up,” she wrote.

Reddit agreed with the 15-year-old’s mother. 

“Like you said, she wants a tv, she can buy one herself. BTW, she needs to grow up,” one user commented

“Your sister is unbelievable!” another wrote.  

“You bought the TV and it’s in your room. She has no right to use it unless you let her,” someone said

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