Teenager calls out parents after ‘horrible’ spat with her older sister: ‘They are failing at protecting you’

A 14-year-old has finally had it with her judgmental older sister. 

The teen took to Reddit’s “Am I the A******” forum after snapping at her sibling. When she cut her hair short, her bully sister began mocking her appearance. But now the 14-year-old is wondering if she overreacted to her sister’s cruel comments.

“My two older sisters (16 and 18) are quite different. 16 is nice, introverted and we like the same things. 18 however, is very bossy and very extroverted. I honestly hate her guts, simply because she has made my life a living hell,” she explained. “It’s been really frustrating living with her, as she is very judgemental. If I did something she would judge me, and it led to a lot of unnecessary insecurities and pent-up emotions. I think I’d be a lot less introverted now if it wasn’t for her.”

The 14-year-old had recently cut her hair very short and started dressing differently, which led to the older sister’s ramping up the rude comments. 

“I never wore dresses because she said I looked like a ‘slutty b****’ and never wore shorts because I was an ‘attention seeker.’ Now I’m a bit more open and like to wear things that are more feminine, even if I have masculine hair. 18 kept judging me every time I did something and it started to really annoy me,” she said.

But the older sister had no shortage of insults.

“‘Why did you cut your hair so short again it makes you look ugly?'” she stated.”‘Why do you like wearing those pants that’s not how you wear them?’ ‘Why do you keep dressing like that it makes you look gay?’ (She’s very against LGBT+ stuff). And it just kept getting worse and worse. She would yell things like, ‘whore,’ every time she saw me and take photos of me to send to group chats she’s in.”

Then during dinner one day, the 14-year-old decided to stand up for herself. 

“I finally snapped and said, ‘I’m not cutting my hair for you to appreciate, I did it because I like it could you please shut the fuck up for once?’ And she started screaming at me and broke a bowl,” she wrote. “My parents keep telling me to apologize, but I don’t think I should, considering the fact that she’s been doing this for more than 10 years.”

Reddit users were sympathetic to the teen’s situation.

“I am sorry your sister is so horrible,” one said

“Your parents are actually 1000 times worse because they let her get away with it but expect you to just take it. They are failing at protecting you, which is the baseline for parenting,” another wrote

“Your sister has major issues and your parents are enabling her,” someone commented

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