Woman draws ‘ridiculous’ response after planning her boyfriend’s birthday party: ‘I’m not going to be stingy’

A girlfriend wants to know if she was inadvertently rude to her boyfriend’s (BF) friends. 

She went on Reddit’s “Am I the A******” to see if she mishandled things. When it was time to celebrate her boyfriend’s birthday, she offered to pay, at his request, for him and his sister’s dinner at an expensive steakhouse. However, the gift became the issue when the sister felt like the girlfriend should have offered to pay for all of his friends too. 

“He repeatedly said he wants to go to this particular steakhouse in L.A. that’s pricey along with some friends. I made the reservation and so far it’s only my BF, his younger sister, his friend J and myself,” she explained. “I’m obviously going to pay for my BF since it’s his birthday, as well as sister because she’s only 18 and she just got laid off from her job. Plus, it’s his sister so I’m not going to be stingy about paying for her.” 

She did, however, make it clear to her boyfriend that she wouldn’t be able to pay for his friends. 

“Last year, I took my BF out for his birthday to another expensive steakhouse,” she said. “It was great but his friend E didn’t have enough money to pay for his dinner. He ordered the most expensive item on the menu along with a bunch of drinks so his total was about $100. I didn’t really have the money because everything combined was $400 but I didn’t want to make a scene for my BF’s birthday so I agreed. He promised to pay me back but he never did.” 

Her boyfriend’s sister didn’t like the arrangement and thought she should pay for E. 

“Now my BF’s sister is calling me an a****** for not offering to pay for more people to join my bf’s dinner. She says that E should be there because they’ve been friends since they were freshmen in high school,” she continued. “And that I shouldn’t be making reservations at places I know the majority of his friends won’t be able to afford. I mean, it’s my BF’s choice to go there not mine so I don’t really see how it’s my fault. But maybe I’m the a****** for offering to pay for his sister but not others?

Reddit users didn’t think she did anything wrong.

“Your BF is so dumb. When a group of friends go out for someone’s bday, it’s common practice for the friends to pay for the meal! So ridiculous that you need to pay for him, his entitled-a** sister and his scammer friend,” one user commented

“I’d be rescinding the offer to pay for his sister if she thinks it’s so unfair only one person gets left out,” another wrote

“Easy to be a big spender when it is on someone else’s dime,” someone said

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