Reddit user sparks family drama over decision with expensive gift: ‘Who needs it?’

A pair of siblings are arguing over a rundown MacBook and a cat.

One sibling went on Reddit’s “Am I the A******” forum to find out who was in the right. They explained that their MacBook is five years old and the screen doesn’t work, the speakers are broken and it can barely hold a charge.

“So I live in a fairly small apartment and although it has windows there really isn’t much to see besides a few trees and the parking lot really,” they wrote. “I got my cat a few months ago and have a cat tree by the window, shelves and spaces so she can climb up high and quite a few toys I play with. At first, my cat had no problem hanging by the window, but eventually, I noticed she started to get bored. And while I’m in the middle of working she would constantly meow or do mischievous things. I put on Cat TV a few times for her and noticed she really enjoyed it and would stare at it for hours. However, I would put this on my new TV as this was really the only free screen I had. She would at times pounce at the TV, once almost knocking it back.”

They decided to use the old laptop to play Cat TV and it seemed to work out great for the kitty. But when the sister found out, she demanded they give her the laptop instead.

“She said I was being an inconsiderate asshole.,” they continued. “If the MacBook was in better condition I would totally give it to her, but fixing the screen and speakers and replacing the battery will cost about the same or more as a mid-range windows laptop. My mom and brother just kinda laughed at it and said not to worry but my sister is being pretty cold with me.”

Reddit sided with the sibling on this one.

“Your sister is acting pretty entitled over the MacBook,” one user commented.

“Why does sister get to just demand things instead of working for them?” someone said.

“Your sister is possibly struggling and your cat toy would improve her life,” another wrote.

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