Bring balance and productivity to your WFH routine with these 5 apps

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Working from home can introduce challenges into our everyday lives that we’ve never encountered before. While you likely have the standard work from home essentials by now, let’s face it: We’re human and sometimes we need more to get the job done.

But in an effort to keep focused and banish procrastination, why not take back the main source of your distraction? Yes, I’m talking about your phone.

Adding productivity apps designed to your phone can help make your device more WFH-friendly. If you’ve signed up for a Yahoo Mobile subscription (or plan to), your unlimited data will certainly come in handy when using these accomplishing apps. But before we get into all that these productivity apps have to offer, let’s go over just why Yahoo Mobile is one of the best phone plans on the market.

Rivaling the best-of-the-best in the “unlimited-everything” space, Yahoo Mobile offers actual unlimited* data, talk and text starting at just $39.99 a month. What’s even better is that there is no contractual commitment, which means Yahoo Mobile users can unsubscribe at any time they choose.

Shop: Yahoo Mobile, Starts At $39.99 Per Month

Credit: Yahoo Mobile

Dubbed the perfect phone plan for uncertain times, millennials and seniors, the service covers a slew of phone models and types, including both Apple and Android devices. It also features a Bring You Own Device program, which allows users to score a $100 Mastercard Virtual Account** when signing up.

Read more about the benefits of Yahoo Mobile — like mobile hotspot accessibility for data sharing (built on Verizon’s industry-leading 4G LTE network) — here.

Now that you know Yahoo Mobile is worth the investment, let’s take a look at five productivity apps you can use to bring balance to your daily work from home routine.

1. Evernote

Credit: Google Play

For many (myself included), Evernote harkens back to the days of college note-taking. While the free app performs well at college-level tasks, its functions also extend to other fields. A clear favorite for storing your writing and organizational needs in one place, Evernote stores your notes, photos, audio files, digital sketches, PDFs and more. Plus, it makes them searchable.

Cost: Free

Get it for Android, iOS or Amazon device

2. Be Focused

Credit: Apple App Store

Many of us fail to take enough breaks while working from home — if we are taking any at all. This app changes that habit by using the Pomodoro Technique, which involves breaking up your day into 25-minute focus intervals followed by five-minute breaks. Through this method, you can perform your best without fatigue or burn out.

As an added bonus, users can also manage their tasks, set work interval times and break durations with the app.

Cost: Free

Get it for iOS

3. Freedom

Credit: Google Play

We have a feeling this app may be the most popular of the bunch. Freedom is the key to dodging social media and other website distractions, allowing you to block any distracting online destinations that lead to procrastination for a set period of time.

With the app, you can tailor the list of sites to block to your own social media practices. If you’re easily distracted, you can even block access to the internet completely.

Cost: Free

Get it for Android, iOS or Amazon device.

4. Google Calendar

Credit: Google Play

Here’s an app that many of us likely already use. Google Calendar is a must-have calendar and scheduling app that helps you keep track of your meetings, appointments, tasks and reminders — work-related or not.

The interface is super easy to navigate and, for those who use Slack for work, there is even an extension that allows Slack to remind you to join your next meeting a minute before it begins.

Cost: Free

Get it for Android, iOS or Amazon device.

5. Calm

Credit: Google Play

Some of us need to make a more conscious effort to relax throughout the day or when the workday has ended. Calm is an effective meditation app for both beginners and advanced users. It features guided meditation sessions of different lengths, from three to 25 minutes. Users can also tailor their use by choosing from different topics including stress management, happiness, gratitude, self-esteem and more.

Cost: Free

Get it for Android or iOS.

Get unlimited data, text and talk with Yahoo Mobile for just $39.99 a month.

*In times of increased network congestion, your data may be temporarily slower than other traffic.

**Terms apply to the Mastercard® Virtual Account offer for which you can find more info by following the links.

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