Man calls out ex-wife over her ‘ridiculous’ parenting choices: ‘I feel bad for the kid’

A dad is arguing with his son’s mother after she imposed a vegan diet on the child. 

He took to Reddit’s “Am I the A******” forum to settle the dispute. The dilemma began when his ex became vegan and now insists their son follow suit. However, the boy doesn’t like it and the father doesn’t want to feed his son vegan meals when he is over. 

“Me and my ex have a son together. We tried to be together for the sake of him for about five years but it didn’t work out,” he wrote. “When we decided to call it quits we ended it amicably. We went 50/50 on custody and live a little under an hour away from each other with the promise we would keep it that way.” 

He and his son’s mother never married, but he believes they are the “perfect divorced couple” because of how well they get along. 

“I met a woman three years ago, we live together and are engaged, my ex and her get along very well,” he said. “My ex has been less lucky in that department however she has finally met someone three months ago. That’s where the issue stems from. My ex’s boyfriend is a sort of hippy type and he is vegan. He has since convinced her to also be vegan and as a result, our son eats vegan at her house as well. I didn’t mind as long as he gets properly fed. However he is less than happy about it, he is 10 now, is his own little man and he likes meat like his dad which has led to an awkward situation where he actively favors me and tells his mother he does not want to go to her for the week. Also he really dislikes her boyfriend and calls him weird.” 

The father’s ex is now insisting he put the 10-year-old on a vegan diet. 

“Of course I rejected it and this has led to the first argument in years,” he said. “Oddly enough her boyfriend also felt the need to add his opinion in the mix, to which I told him to mind his damn business which tossed more oil on the fire. (My fiancé never gets involved in stuff between me and my ex when it concerns our son.)” 

Reddit sided with the father on this one.

“I feel bad for the kid who is made to eat in a way he doesn’t want,” one user said.

“Your ex is being ridiculous. You cant force veganism on a child,” another wrote.

“If the kid wants meat give him meat it’s not like he’s eating it in front of them,” someone added.

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