Woman calls out husband over his ‘awful’ anniversary surprise: ‘He ruined the night’

A woman feels her mother-in-law keeps violating her boundaries. 

She consulted Reddit’s “Am I the A******” forum about a situation that played out during her wedding anniversary. The previous year she and her husband (of three years) spent it with his family. Now this year, the mother-in-law seemed to want a similar celebration. The wife, however, wanted to spend it alone with her husband.

“My husband told her that we were gonna go out and celebrate and have dinner together. She asked if she could host the anniversary at her house instead and invite family members, it was an instant no from me,” she said. “My husband seemed to be wanting it but I already made other plans. She had us celebrate with her while we were together on a vacation for two weeks, that was horrific and the worst experience so far.”

However, her husband and his mother wouldn’t exactly drop the suggestion.

“I knew my husband was still talking to her about it but I just let them,” she explained. “Two days before the anniversary he asked if we could have a family celebration but still go to the restaurant and have a good time. I felt uncomfortable, all I wanted was for some time together, alone. Plus I had other plans after dinner and to have the family come is not logical at this point.” 

Then came the day of the anniversary. She noticed her husband didn’t go to work and refused to tell her why he seemed busy at home. 

“He picked me up at 3 p.m. I remember his mom constantly calling while we were in the car,” she continued. “I got home, took a shower made sure he checked with the restaurant about the reservation for the night and we left at 7 p.m. Again, his mom was talking to him on the phone in the car I asked him why she was calling all day and he changed the subject.”

Little did she know that he planned to ambush her.

“We arrived at the restaurant, he walked before me, I followed him and after I walked through the door and saw his mom, dad, sister and cousin and her kids, I froze for a second. My heart dropped,” she wrote. “I felt so much rage as he tried to get me to keep walking, his family saw me when I turned around and walked out and back to the car. He followed me and started saying sorry but I should just go inside with him since it was already done. I yelled at him literally just losing it and telling him that he ruined the night I was waiting for and how he turned it into a family dinner to which I said no from the beginning. He begged me to go inside but I refused. We argued until his mom came trying to convince me to go in. I went home in a taxi after I told them to go back and celebrate.” 

Now her husband and mother-in-law are angry with her. 

“The audacity of this woman I don’t even have words to describe how awful she is,” one user commented

“Spending your entire anniversary lying and deceiving you in order to carefully arrange it so he and his family can ignore your wishes, comfort and well-being,” another said

“Ask yourself if this is how you want to live indefinitely,” someone wrote.

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