A TikToker pulled off the scariest — and sweetest — prank on her sister

A woman is going viral on TikTok after flying halfway across the country to prank her sister.

The moment, which is being hailed as both “sweet” and “terrifying,” was caught on camera by Dani Okon, the prankster’s girlfriend.

In Okon’s caption, she explains that her girlfriend “dressed up as an old lady and scared her sister for her birthday.” Apparently, the sisters hadn’t seen each other for six months.

Okon’s clip shows what unfolded after her girlfriend arrived at the sister’s home, threw on a grey wig and dressed in a baggy, floral dress. The now “old” woman walks outside the house and waits to be noticed.


My girlfriend dressed up as an old lady and scared her sister for her birthday ##fyp ##funny ##lol ##prank ##lmao ##grandma ##disguise ##haha ##foryou

♬ Monkeys Spinning Monkeys – Kevin MacLeod

After standing outside for a few moments, the woman pretends to fall over. Her sister comes over, looking frightened, only to finally realize who she’s helping.

Thankfully, another one of the sister’s friends managed to record her reaction. From up close, it’s clear she’s not happy about the prank at first.

The situation must have ended well though, judging from Okon’s jovial tone in her video’s comments. Still, that didn’t stop plenty of TikTokers from weighing in with their own opinions.

Many users said the stunt was “ruthless,” while others said it was “brilliant” and “the best” prank they’d ever seen.

“I AM IN TEARS LAUGHING SO HARD,” one user wrote.

“Best sister ever!” another praised.

“Queen of pranking,” another said.

“That’s dedication right there,” another added.

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