Dad enrages ex-wife with ‘expensive’ gift for his daughter: ‘It escalated into a nasty argument’

A father is at odds with his ex-wife after buying their daughter a pair of expensive shoes. 

He went on Reddit’s “Am I the A******” forum to share what happened. The issue arose when the father sided with his daughter over his ex-wife and her new husband. 

“My daughter Rose lives part-time with me and part-time with her mother, Jean as we are separated. Jean is now married to Dan and stepmother to Meg,” the user explained. “Meg is very insecure and always comparing herself to Rose, which has been an issue pretty much since the start of Jean and Dan’s relationship. It means that Jean and Dan are very vigilant about Meg feeling less-than.” 

Jean and Dan don’t like that Rose regularly spends a ton of money on clothing and makeup. 

“During lockdown, Rose started a small business online so she had something to do,” the father said. “She’s therefore made herself quite a bit of money, especially on top of pocket and birthday money, etc. She saw a pair of shoes that she at once absolutely committed her heart to getting. They are $118.” 

Rose planned to buy the shoes with the money she earned. 

“Jean and Dan immediately forbade her from buying them,” the father explained. “Their reasoning is that Rose doesn’t need them, they’re very expensive and she should be saving for university. Rose was very upset and it escalated into a nasty argument into which Meg also got involved. […] I expressed this to Jean and she repeated that she’s sixteen and has better things to be saving up for. I agreed so I ordered the shoes myself. Rose was ecstatic which was what I was going for, but as a result, she’s had another fight with Meg. Jean and Dan are spitting at me and say that I’m undermining their parenting, that I’ve escalated the issue and caused problems in their house.” 

Reddit users were on the father’s side. 

“You are entitled to buy your daughter whatever you wish,” one person commented.

“You’re the parent as well,” another said

“They don’t get to decide for you what you think is appropriate,” someone wrote

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