Woman enraged by husband’s ‘ridiculous’ response to her family dinner plans: ‘He refused to drop it’

A woman’s husband is upset with her because she fed his parents pizza. 

The woman is a third-year medical student overwhelmed with work and school. When her in-laws showed up unexpectedly she decided to order delivery, but her husband found it disrespectful. She shared the ensuing drama on Reddit’s “Am I the A******” forum. 

“My husband’s parents showed up unannounced,” she wrote. “They didn’t call or anything to let me know because they said they were visiting someone and stopped by to say hi. I was in my bedroom studying at the time. My husband insisted and had me sit with them for about an hour while they talked about their plans for this year’s holiday. And future grandchildren and current financial situation etc basically nothing new. They stayed until 9:30 p.m. I ended up ordering pizza to eat together for dinner (although it was a bit late) and my husband seemed upset after that.”

His parents ate the pizza and didn’t complain. 

“I noticed something was wrong,” the user said. “My husband told me that I should’ve cooked for them instead of ordering pizza. I told him they showed up late and unexpectedly and I had to study and had no time to cook so I ordered pizza. He took it as if I was being disrespectful to his parents and treating them poorly. He said that his parents were clearly upset having to eat pizza instead of a meal. And that it wouldn’t take much of my time if I cooked for them. Even though I asked them and they said, ‘no need for that we’ll be leaving in half an hour.’ They always say that but end up staying for dinner. Besides they knew I had an exam and had no time for their visit. We argued back and forth and he refused to drop it.” 

Reddit thought the husband was being unreasonable. 

“That level of pettiness and disregard for your needs is truly ridiculous and a little horrifying,” one user commented

“If he wanted a home-cooked meal for them, nothing was stopping him from cooking it,” someone said

“They came by unannounced to your house, and expected a home-cooked meal? That’s ridiculous!” another wrote

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