Get the Yahoo Mobile Phone for just $19.99 this holiday season

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Yahoo Mobile remains one of the most affordable and comprehensive phone plans on the market. So when the Yahoo Mobile Phone launched in October 2020, bringing the entire Yahoo Mobile ecosystem to the service’s customers, it was pretty much a game changer.

Just in time for the holidays, the recently released Yahoo Mobile Phone is available for just $19.99 — that’s $30 less than its original list price.

Shop: Yahoo Mobile Phone, $19.99 (List Price: $49)

Credit: Yahoo Mobile

This device comes with all of the features that smartphone users require today including face unlock, USB-C charging, the latest version of Android and more.

In addition to its signature “Grape Jelly” outer body, what sets this phone apart from others on the market is the built-in Yahoo App Suite that comes pre-loaded and positioned on the home screen.

The built-in apps include Yahoo Mail, Yahoo Finance, Yahoo Sports, Yahoo Weather, Yahoo News and, of course, Yahoo Mobile.

With Yahoo Mobile, in particular, built into the phone’s software framework, users automatically get the perks of having actual unlimited* everything (data, talk and text) with no contractually binding agreement. The plan starts at just $39.99 a month.

Shop: Yahoo Mobile, Starts At $39.99 Per Month

Credit: Yahoo Mobile

In addition to the included Yahoo Mobile features, the Yahoo Mobile Phone boasts a stand-out modern design and quality build, a large 5.45-inch 720 HD display, dual rear-flash and front-facing flash cameras, a rear-fingerprint sensor and so much more.

The device also comes with the Android 10 operating system and 32GB of built-in storage (which is expandable up to 2TB). Also, for those who need the convenience of all-day phone use, the Yahoo Mobile Phone features a 2660 mAh removable battery with Smart Power efficiency that could last all day.

Be sure to take advantage of this $19.99 deal before the holiday season ends and learn all about what the Yahoo Mobile Phone has to offer, here.

Get unlimited data, text and talk with Yahoo Mobile for just $39.99 a month.

*In times of increased network congestion, your data may be temporarily slower than other traffic.

**Terms apply to the Mastercard® Virtual Account offer for which you can find more info by following the links.

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