What’s the equivalent of getting flowers for guys? TikTok users want to know

TikTok users are trying to get to the bottom of the eternal question: What’s the romantic equivalent of flowers for guys? 

The query is of course based on the assumption that men don’t like flowers too. TikTok user Haley Sanders started the discourse with a simple video of her feeling clueless to the question’s answer. 

The TikTok commentariat was happy to provide answers ranging from the sentimental to the hilarious, but most agreed that dudes like flowers too. 

“I hope she sees this, but I want flowers too,” one user wrote

“Flowers, flowers are the equivalent,” another said

“My sister-in-law gave my brother flowers when they got engaged and he bawled his eyes out to me about it,” someone commented.


#stitch with @hsandss DONT WORRY HE DOES GET THEM!!!!! #relationship #coupledup

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Another TikTok user, @deviltrout, actually asked her boyfriend the question directly. His response was a soft and somber, “Are flowers not acceptable? I… like… flowers.” 

The heartfelt response prompted other users to ask their partners and the answers were different. 

“My husband just said fireworks. Jesus take the wheel,” one person said

“My husband said garlic bread,” another wrote

“Mine said a dinosaur,” a user commented

Some users had other suggestions. 

Richard Wilson advised any compliment at all, claiming the one time he was cat-called was the best day of his life. 

Nick, of @nickandsienna, said he just wants to be considered. Essentially, someone who cares about the little things like compliments or cleaning their shirt just because. 

Meanwhile, a user named Seth had some niche requests, like a polaroid, a hair scrunchie or, heck — even a Tech Deck will do. 

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