Mom captures ‘pride’ on 10-year-old son’s face after he buys her birthday gift from Dollar General

A mother is basking in the emotional moment her son picked out a birthday gift for her. 

Misty Anny is a single mother from Texas. She vlogs about mom life and her 10-year-old son named Preston. Like most kids his age, Preston doesn’t exactly have a stacked bank account. But he still wanted to get his mother something nice for her birthday. 

“Momma, I need money to get you a birthday present,” Misty Ann’s son told her. 

She gave him a few $5 bills, and he headed into Dollar General like he was on a mission. 

“He was determined to pick me out his gift,” she explained. “This wasn’t about me getting a gift… It’s the pride in his face for me.” 

The touching video racked up 6.5 million views on TikTok

“I believe it’s very important for a child to do this. I used to let my son get whatever he wanted in the store for his mom,” a user commented

“My mom did this with my brothers and me a few times for her birthday. We loved getting to go in and pick out what to get her,” another said

“I always loved whatever my kids bought me, ’cause they had chosen it themselves. So special!” someone wrote

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