10-year-old Kung Fu prodigy is being hailed a ‘mini Bruce Lee’

A Japanese 10-year-old has been dubbed the “mini Bruce Lee.”

Ryusei Imai became a fan of the iconic Chinese martial artist and actor when he started watching Lee’s Kung Fu movies at age 1. Ryusei then started imitating the legend. Four years later, in 2015, he went viral when he managed to perfectly recreate one of Lee’s nunchuck moves from “Enter the Dragon.”

“The phrase Bruce Lee used to say — ‘don’t think, feel’ — I can see that feeling coming out of Ryusei’s face,” his father Ryuji Imai told Yahoo Sports. “It’s the coolest. I love Bruce Lee and so does Ryusei.”

Now the young martial artist has over 508,000 followers on his Instagram. You can watch Ryusei do two-finger pushups, practice fight choreography and see his training fails — like the time he tried to break a board and sent his mother flying off her chair.  

“I want to be as cool as Bruce Lee,” Ryusei told Yahoo Sports. “I want to move as fast as him.”

Ryusei is training daily to make his dreams come true, which includes more pushups, runs and floor exercises. His father is well aware of the intense pressure being named the mini Bruce Lee can bring. But the dad says he’s supportive of Ryusei’s budding martial arts career as long as it’s what the 10-year-old wants. 

“I want him to devote himself to what he loves with an honest heart,” his father said. “And never give up. As long as he remembers that and enjoys himself.”

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