12-year-old skimboarder rides flooded street in Florida

A 12-year-old skimboarder and his dad decided to take advantage of bad Florida weather. 

Hurricane Sally has hit Florida causing heavy rains and flooding in areas like Naples. But Alastair Rockley and his dad weren’t going to let Sally rain on their parade. Instead, Alastair got out his skimboard and his dad got out his white van to ride the flood out — literally.

Skimboards are similar to surfboards except much smaller. While surfers tend to stick to riding waves, skimboarders usually ride the surface of shallow water and wet sand. So when Alastair’s suburban neighborhood experienced minor flooding, well, it seemed like a good time to whip out the old skimboard. But please don’t try this at home

video posted to Alastair’s Instagramtheskimspaz, is quite the adrenaline rush. The 12-year-old throws down his skimboard in a flooded street and jumps on. Parallel to him is his father driving a white van. The van skids the shallow water to create a massive splash. The father’s car isn’t the only one on the road as a few others drive through the deluge. Alastair manages to maintain his balance and ride the rainwater safely.

While you should always act with safety measures in mind during dangerous weather, skimboarding during a flood is a real practice. It’s called urban skimboarding. When there are heavy rains, skimboarders are known to head out onto the streets for the rare treat. However, DK Skimboards does have one caveat if you’re tempted to go for a ride in the rain. 

“Keep in mind skimboarding on the streets will destroy the bottom of your skimboard and if it hits a curb it could be worse,” the skimboard manufacturer stated. “We have skimmed on flooded football fields, golf courses and anything you can think of and that is the beauty of skimboarding. With just a little bit of water and a flat surface you can put that skimboard to work.”

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