16-year-old born with one leg does incredible jump rope tricks

A 16-year-old boy from New Delhi is proving that differences are all about perspective.

Nikhil Kumar was born with only one leg, but he never saw his disability as a disadvantage. The teenager dreams of representing India as a gymnast at the Paralympic Games someday.

“My aim is to participate in the Paralympics in the future in the high jump category and win a gold medal,” Kumar told Ruptly.

However, it’s clear that his hopes are anything but a pipe dream. Kumar is already a talented athlete.

A part of his gymnastics training is a daily routine of four hours of exercise. This includes skipping rope on his one leg without any additional support. It only takes a few seconds of watching him in action to see Kumar is a jump rope expert.

In the footage, Kumar does quite a few tricks. First, he goes from jumping rope into a handstand then seamlessly back into rope skipping. Next, he and friend each hold an end of two ropes and jump together. They’re able to twirl and spin without getting tangled.

Kumar then jumps side-by-side with two more friends. The teen has no trouble keeping up with the men who have use of both their legs. The kid has got some serious skills.

While Kumar is currently training as an athlete he is still focused on his studies.

“Despite how much talent you have — if you don’t have an education people will put you down,” Kumar told Ruptly. “So I am focusing on my education and at the same time getting training for gymnastics and preparing myself for the Paralympics.”

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