19-year-old soldier reviews military food he eats on missions

Joe Anthony Guerrero is a 19-year-old Mexican American soldier currently serving in the military — he’s also famous on TikTok.

Guerrero enlisted when he was 18, just 10 days after graduating high school. Now the soldier shares TikTok videos about his everyday life in the army and is famous in particular for his Meals Ready-to-Eat (MRE) food pack reviews.

In one popular video with 12.2 million TikTok views, he shared the contents of an MRE pack with pizza.


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The silver pack had a bunch of packaged items including, pepperoni pizza with cheese, blueberry cobbler, cheese spread with jalapeños, vegetable crackers, an oatmeal cookie and a chocolate protein drink.

“I don’t like the cookies, they’re really dry,” Guerrero said as he nibbled a piece of the oatmeal cookie before setting it aside.

Guerrero also traded the blueberry cobbler for granola.

“The jalapeño cheese spread is something I treasure when I find,” one user commented.

“Yes! With tortillas,” Guerrero responded.

The MRE packs are largely eaten during missions to ensure the soldiers get enough calories. As for Guerrero’s military duties go, he’s a truck driver.

“I drive trucks, all kinds! Anything that I have to pick up,” he told In The Know. “[I also do] small tasks like sweeping and mopping.”

He added that he plans to continue sharing MRE reviews and other aspects of military life.

“It just popped up in my head, it was legit original,” Guerrero said of how he started posting the reviews. “I was eating a MRE PB&J and a cappuccino and I thought to myself, ‘What the hell, let me show my small fanbase what it’s like to eat breakfast when on a mission.'”

After receiving positive feedback, Guerrero decided to continue posting them. He told In The Know his favorite MRE food is hash browns and his least favorite is elbow macaroni.

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