2-month-old baby appears to speak in jaw-dropping video

A 2-month-old baby nicknamed Carebear is going viral thanks to an early development milestone. 

Helena Kordaé posted a video of her 2-month-old son saying “hi” on Twitter. The adorable moment has the internet wondering if the child is a prodigy.

In the clip, Kordaé holds the tiny baby, who is still so small he can’t sit upright on his own. The doting mom wipes his mouth before telling him, “you’re a genius, Carebear.” 

That’s when she says “hi” and the 2-month-old says “hi” right back in response. He repeats the word again and giggles. You can hear the baby’s loved ones in the background giddily laughing and praising him. They’re just as stunned as anyone would be.  

“He wasn’t just making noise, he enunciated that word!” Kordaé said in the video caption

Carebear’s video was viewed 2.5 million times on Twitter.

“That first one was legit him saying hi. This is about to be one of those kids who graduate college by 13,” one user tweeted

“He said hi like a whole 2-year-old! Wow, let’s feed that lil genius mind of his with knowledge and skills,” another added

“Mark my words: that child is a genius,” someone wrote

It’s true that gifted children tend to start speaking earlier than most others. While children usually say their first word at the age of 1, gifted kids might start as early as 6 to 9 months. Other parents have even reported their children speaking at around 3 months. However, it’s important to note that children can be gifted without speaking early, some are even late speakers. 

No matter what the age, a baby’s first word is always a massive milestone. And this little Carebear got to share his moment with millions of people. 

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