2-year-old basketball prodigy never misses a shot

Looks like there’s a new basketball prodigy hailing from California. 

2-year-old Jalen Allen is the son to the Pepperdine men’s basketball coach, Curtis Allen, and Jalen already has got serious skills. He and his older brothers Trey and Noah even launched a YouTube channel, Jalen & Company, to showcase the toddler’s talents.

Noah and Jalen are just making their way upstairs in one video. The brothers have a kid’s basketball hoop at the bottom of the staircase. Jalen scores a shot from the first level of the stairs. Then he heads up two more and is able to score again. Jalen is barely bigger than the basketball and is already effortlessly scoring free throws. 

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In another video, Jalen continues to work on his range, much to his big bro’s excitement. This time, he’s all the way at the top of the stairs. Jalen shoots the ball across the large staircase and scores. 

“Oh my god. OK. That’s it. We stop there, bro!” Noah says after running up the stairs in excitement. Naturally, Jalen pulls off the trick again. 

Instagram users swooned over the young basketball wunderkind. 

“Wow, amazing kid. Blessed,” one Instagram user wrote

“Let us see him in 15 years ’cause this kid is a star,” another said

“Making his way up to the NBA,” one person added

And in case you’re wondering if Jalen really loves basketball that much, here’s a cute video of him refusing to go to bed unless he can play one-on-one.

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