2-year-old girl stuns with her skateboarding talent

Most 2-year-olds can barely maintain their balance enough to waddle around. But one Australian toddler is defying expectations to become a budding skateboard prodigy. 

Coco Heath fell in love with skateboarding when she was just 5 months old. Coco’s mother, Molly Heath, who surfs and skateboards herself, started to let Coco ride at around 10 months old. These days the 2-year-old has a skate coach who trains her and ensures her safety. Heath documents Coco’s skate journey on Instagram at cocoskatergirl

As you may have expected, Coco has got great form and skills well beyond her years. A compilation video shows Coco working with her professional coach on some skate ramps. 

The trainer holds the front of Coco’s board and guides her down a half-pipe. But he’s not doing all the work. Coco maintains her balance as she rides down. The coach holds her hand to make sure the little one doesn’t fall, but after a few tries, she is able to land without him steadying her.

“We never take dangerous risks with her,” Heath wrote on Instagram. “Someone is always holding her hand or is right next to her while she skates. I just want her to have fun and be as safe as possible doing it! She was walking at 10 months, having incredible balance and leg strength. So please be aware all babies are different and don’t put them on a board when they are not ready or if they don’t enjoy it.” 

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