20-year-old nicknamed ‘bubble wrap’ for her unusual talent

Sierra Dacre isn’t afraid to flaunt her unconventional talent. 

The 20-year-old from Ocean City, Md. is known as a human “glow stick” or “bubble wrap” by her 312,000 TikTok followers. That’s because Dacre can crack all of her joints — yes, even the ones you didn’t know you could crack. 

“I like to make TikTok videos of all sorts, my most popular videos are of me cracking joints in my body. I do my neck, back, all joints in my fingers, wrists, knees, ankles, elbows and toes,” Dacre told Newsflare

Dacre posted a video of her cracking just about every joint in her body. The pops and crunches are audible. She cracked her spine, snapped her elbows and pelvis — which sounded more like pops than cracks — and what was perhaps most unsettling were the tiny twists she used to crack her hands all the way up to her fingertips. 

Dacre’s video received over 13.9 million views on TikTok. 

“She has bubble wrap in her joints,” one user wrote

“Her whole body is bubble wrap,” another said

“I think you’re a glow stick,” someone added

While it may seem a little odd if you don’t do it yourself, cracking your joints in moderation is safe and fine. 

“In general, it’s safe for you to crack your back and the act may promote feelings of relaxation and improve range of motion,” according to Healthline

In fact, Healthline also noted that hearing the cracking noise can actually enhance the feelings of tension release or pain relief. 

So crack away! You may even get TikTok famous. 

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