TikTokers poke fun at 2016 makeup styles in new trend

Beauty is always evolving into something new or referencing the past. It’s hard to believe just how quickly trends can change and how we change with them. 

Makeup gurus on TikTok are highlighting the differences in makeup aesthetics today and just a few years ago in 2016. 

What’s the “2016 versus 2021 makeup” trend on TikTok? 


here’s how i did my makeup in 2016 vs 2021 ib @lenkalul

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TikTok users like Abby Roberts are dividing their face into two sides. One that shows what 2016 makeup is like and one that shows what 2021 makeup is like. 

In Roberts’ video, the 2016 makeup trends side has full coverage matte foundation, but 2021 has sheer dewy. The 2016 side has heavy concealer with baking, while 2021 is more natural. The 2016 side has super-manicured “Instagram” brows, but the 2021 eyebrow just has a bit of gel. The 2016 side featured warm tones, heavy highlighter, bronzer, matte lips and thick false lashes. But for 2021, it was simple light, smokey cool tones, light blush, lip gloss and half lashes. 

Here are some more examples of 2016 makeup trends:

Another user, @namglami showed how much heavier contour and eye makeup was in 2016 compared to the heavy blush and glossy lips of today. 

Meanwhile, @thechaneldior did the drag makeup version of the challenge highlighting that even drag queens wear lighter makeup in 2021. 

Then in @sophiehannah’s iteration, she used the challenge to prove that each style of makeup can make you look like an entirely different person. 

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