TikTokers left disturbed by YouTube channel’s eerily accurate death predictions

A YouTube channel called 2020 Vision seems to have predicted the deaths of every major celebrity in 2020 back in 2017 — but are their predictions real, or does it just look that way?

On June 15, 2017, a YouTube channel called 2020 Vision emerged. In early 2021, the channel started to receive a lot of attention on TikTok because, as many users pointed out, it appears as if it accurately predicted every major celebrity death in 2020 three years ago down to the day.

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People think the YouTuber behind 2020 Vision manipulated the videos to look like they were published in 2017.

You can’t believe everything you see on the internet, though. As more and more TikTokers have made videos about 2020 Vision, understandably freaked out by the eerily accurate predictions, users have taken to the comments to explain the myriad ways the videos could have been manipulated to look like they were created and published earlier than they actually were.

One user named @CodeNameNuclear explained on the video “predicting” Kobe Bryant’s death that 2020 Vision likely posted all the videos privately years ago and made sure that they included every single day in the year. Later, they could then trim the videos down so they only included the correct dates and make them public.

“They posted it privately years ago, and they had the video an hour long going over every date possible,” they explained. “What they did was use the YouTube built-in trimming tool to trim it to the correct date and then unprivated the video.”

Another YouTuber named @VIDKID428 even made a 5-minute video demonstrating how 2020 Vision could have easily edited their videos to make them look like they were uploaded in 2017.

This theory seems to be backed up by the fact that none of the videos have comments from 2017, 2018 or 2019 on them. The overwhelming majority of comments, in fact, are from 2021.

A channel named 2021 Vision is now claiming it can predict when celebrities will die this year.

Following the success of 2020 Vision, another YouTube channel called 2021 Vision has appeared, which claims it can predict which celebrities will die this year.

The channel is unaffiliated with 2020 Vision, and if what people are saying about the manipulation of the older videos is true, then it’s also taking a much bolder approach to viral fame and just speculating about random celebrity deaths.

So far, the channel has predicted the deaths of numerous major celebrities, including Tyga, Jennifer Lopez, Bad Bunny, Kim Kardashian, Kanye West, Madonna, Robert De Niro, Michael Jordan and Chuck Schumer.

Though some people are freaked out by the channel’s predictions, most people are skeptical about their validity. Either way, the channel’s first death prediction (for Tyga) isn’t until Mach 12, so we’ll have to wait and see.

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