22-year-old is ‘literally speechless’ after receiving flowers on a first date: ‘I’m not even a flowers guy, but I might be now’

While Miley Cyrus reminds us of our ability to get our own flowers, receiving them from someone else is still a sweet surprise.

Ian Fonz (@fonzian) is a 22-year-old fitness influencer who “went on his first date in 4 years.” The unexpected happened: He was given a bouquet of flowers.

“get your man flowers right now,” he writes.


get your man flowers right now

♬ original sound – fonz

“So I went on my first date in about four years this weekend, and the craziest thing happened,” he starts. “I got flowers and not just any crappy flowers… like in a bouquet in a mason jar. And I was literally speechless. Like, what do I say? This is my first time getting flowers. I don’t even know.”

Ian smiles and smells the flower arrangement before adding, “I’m not even a flowers guy, but I might be now.”

“every guy turns into a flowers guy after receivin them”

In addition to gushing over just how wholesome Ian’s reaction is, commenters are sharing their own stories of getting their boyfriends’ flowers.

“I got my boy flowers once, he still talks about it to this day (girls if he’s the one, get HIM flowers),” someone said.

“He said ‘I might be now,’ this is so precious,” one commented.

“every guy turns into a flowers guy after receivin them,” another commented.

Sure, receiving flowers from your date doesn’t guarantee a future with them but in Ian’s case, it can definitely make you feel appreciated.

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