24-year-old shares his everyday misadventures with a bionic arm on TikTok

Henrik Cox is a 25-year-old influencer using positivity and comedy to teach people about limb difference. 

Cox was born with an upper limb deficiency and now uses a bionic arm. When he’s not working as an engineer at an animal conservation startup, Cox is making TikToks to show what his life — and sense of humor — is like. 

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In a video from his ongoing series “What not to do when your hand dies in an awkward place,” Cox opened his refrigerator door using his bionic arm. When the door closed, his arm lost its charge and he became stuck. But the punchline was his stepbrother sliding in on the kitchen floor to mockingly say, “What you doing step-bro?” 

The chuckle-worthy video racked up 2.1 million views.


Reply to @fluffyhotpocket that ending took a WEIRD turn #robot #prosthetic #humor

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Cox uses a prosthetic made by Touch Bionics in 2012.

“My model is actually a lot older than many of the bionic prosthetics that are out today,” Cox told In The Know. “Mine has a full-hand open and close functionality, while many modern hands have additional grip patterns and other functionality. It’s an exciting field, and I’m sure that the technology is just going to keep advancing and becoming more lifelike.

The content creator is fairly new to TikTok. He has only been posting since October 2020, but already has nearly 1 million followers

“I was looking for a creative outlet to make videos. I’ve been making short films since I was 11 and as a full-time worker, I have less freedom to work on bigger projects like that now,” he said. 

But ultimately he hopes to add some much-needed joy to social media.

“I have also always wanted to share a positive message and give a look into what a life with one hand and using a bionic prosthetic looks like, and making videos on TikTok filled both those criteria for me,” Cox explained. “The positive reception and fact that some have found my videos as a source of positivity and motivation is a big factor of what keeps me going and excited to do more.” 

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