3 daily affirmations to help embrace change and cope with stress

Anisa Benitez is host of the podcast No Starving Artist and a wellness advocate who empathizes with people who struggle with adapting self-care into their routines. Benitez told Today that she had previously resisted therapy but eventually came around to its benefits. 

Now, the actor, model and TikToker creates content centered around improving mental health in marginalized communities. That includes relationship advice, guided meditations and mantras for dealing with life’s problems.

Here are a few of Benitez’s quick affirmations that’ll help you start 2021 with a little less stress (or a least a positive way to deal with it!). 

1. A mantra for the new year.

If you want to become your “highest self” in 2021, the guru has got the perfect affirmation for you: “I am becoming more myself and carry into 2021 the best of me.”

2. A mantra for safety. 

In the age of the pandemic, when interacting with our neighbors can pose a threat to our health and safety, things can get a little scary. 

Sometimes you could use a little mental reassurance that you’re OK. 

For these feelings, Benitez wants you to repeat: “I feel safe and secure in my body, wherever it goes.”

3. A mantra for new beginnings. 

If you’re tackling new challenges (or perhaps living through a time of great social upheaval), this might help you cope with the daily stressors that come along with it. 

“I am strong enough to embrace change and begin again” is Benitez’s mantra for new beginnings. 

Some folks might feel hesitant about stepping up their wellness game, but Benitez is well aware of the stigmas and suggests BIPOC, especially, should push past them. 

“I care about dismantling the stigma around seeking professional mental health support, especially for people of color and other marginalized communities,” Benitez told Today. “We are the people who need support the most based on societal mistreatment and additional cultural stress that comes with existing in a white-dominant country.”

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