3 easy ways to organize your shoes

On this episode of Uncluttered, professional home organizers Fillip and Jamie Hord (@horderly) teach us how to organize shoes. Whether you’re looking for ways to organize shoes in a small space, or if you just want to make your shoe collection more accessible and less cluttered, Fillip and Jamie have got you covered. Here are 3 different ways to organize your shoes at home

But before sharing their shoe organization solutions, Fillip kicks things off by stating the three criteria you need to keep in mind when organizing your shoes. “You want to keep them off the floor as much as possible,” says the organization expert. “You want to keep them protected, and you want to keep them visible.” With that in mind, let’s get to the tips!

  1. Clear Shoe Bins

Jamie explains that an ideal solution for organizing your shoes is shelves. “If you only have a few shelves available, you can use shoe bins to really maximize each shelf,” says the organizer. Jamie also notes to keep heavier items like boots on the lower shelves, while storing lighter items like sandals and heels on the upper shelves.

  1. Stackable Shoe Shelves

Not everyone has the luxury of shelf space in their closets, so Fillip suggests stackable shoe shelves as another option. They follow the same rule of heavier shoes on the bottom and lighter ones on the top, and the duo notes to ensure you use a flat, solid shelf for your shoe storage

  1. Over-the-Door Canvas Shoe Rack

For very small living spaces, an over-the-door shoe rack keeps your shoes organized while maximizing your living space. “It’s great for large shoes,” says Fillip. “If your shoes are smaller or you have sandals, you can also double up within the pockets and fit twice the amount of shoes.”

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