3 easy ways to style a scarf in your hair

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Adding a scarf to your hairstyle is a simple way to elevate your look and tie your outfit together! In this episode of In The Know: Hair School, celebrity hairstylist and host Justine Marjan shares 3 simple ways to style a scarf in your hair. 

Scarf Crown

For an elegant hairstyle that is gorgeous from all angles, try this scarf crown! Start by splitting your hair down the middle and securing each side with a scunci Mixed Size Hair Elastic. Then, grab a scarf. Justine recommends using a lightweight scarf like the Manner Market Grace Scarf.

Next, weave the scarf through the hair. “I’m splitting the hair right above the ponytail and I’m just going to weave the end of the scarf through,” Justine explains. “And then, I’ll do the same thing on the other side.”

Once the scarf is even, begin to braid it into your hair. When you reach the end of each segment of hair, secure it with an elastic. Then, cross the two pieces and pull them towards the front of your head. “When I get to the front, I cross the two ends of the scarf and just tie it,” Justine explains. “I’m just using a regular bobby pin and pinning that directly to the scalp. Then, I’m taking the ends of the scarf and just using that to wrap around the elastic that you see, and just tuck it underneath.”

Once the braids are secured, the look is done! “This is a really nice kind of ethereal look, really feminine,” says Justine. “I also like to just kind of separate the pieces in the front here if I want more of that angelic finish to the hair.”

Boho Braids

This braided scarf look is so easy! First, grab a long, thin scarf like the Manner Market Agnes Scarf. Place it on top of your head and secure it in place with Conair Metal Styling Clips. Then, divide the hair into two pieces and start braiding!

“We’re just going to do a regular 3-strand braid using the scarf as one of the strands,” Justine explains. “Very simple.”

Once you finish the braid, wrap the scarf around the ends of the hair and tie it into a small knot. Put the finishing touches on the braid by giving it a slightly messy boho finish. “I’m going to use my fingers to just pull apart the sides of the braid to make it look really full and kind of have a little bit of a boho finish,” Justine explains. “So this is our finished look. Just a really pretty braided scarf look that you can easily do on yourself.”

Low Bun

This chic low bun look pairs perfectly with an off-the-shoulder outfit. Start by gathering your hair in the back, leaving a few strands free in the front, and a larger section free in the back. “I’m leaving a little bit of hair underneath, so I’m not gathering all of her hair,” Justine explains.

Secure the gathered portion of hair with a scunci Mixed Size Hair Elastic, then loop the scarf through the top. Next, divide the hair into two sections, and use the scarf to create a 3-stranded braid. Once the braid is complete, you can leave the look as is or twist it up into a bun. 

“So you can absolutely leave this look here and stop here if you like the way it looks,” says Justine. “But we’re going to take it into a bun by just twisting it and pinning to secure.”

To make the bun, twist your hair up at the base of your neck, then grab a few scunci Bobby Pins and weave them into your hair to keep it secure. “The key to using a bobby pin is not opening it,” Justine explains. “You actually want to keep the bobby pin closed when you put it in the hair, otherwise it’s going to pick up too much hair and it’ll slide right out.”

Once your bun is secured, the look is complete! “You can wear this scarf look for any occasion,” Justine says. “I especially love it if you have a scarf that really matches your wardrobe and especially if you want to wear something that really shows off your back, so something off the shoulder can be really nice, or even a backless dress.”

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